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Conference Series LLC Ltd invites all the participants across the globe to attend 38th International Conference on Advanced Pediatrics and Neonatology Rome, Italy.

Day 1 :

Keynote Forum

Sergio Palandri

Mauriziano Umberto Hospital, Italy

Keynote: Posture analysis: A dedicated system

Time : 09:10-09:40

Advanced Pediatrics 2023 International Conference Keynote Speaker Sergio Palandri photo

Sergio Palandri is a Radiographer, Department of Radiology, Umberto I Hospital Ordine Mauriziano di Torino, Turin, Italy, Published an article with the title Spinometric Analysis of Patient Affected by Scoliosis, Treated with Acupressure


Background: Postural analysis is a fundamental tool for evaluating the neuro musculoskeletal structure of a subject. Although it is an important tool, a unique formal analysis process has not yet been determined.

The aim of this work is to propose a new postural analysis system that can be used for both initial investigations and ongoing monitoring of the effects of therapeutic treatment in the field.

A second aim of this work, equally important in the opinion of the author, is to promote discussion with other professionals to make continuous improvements in the proposed system to provide a tool that can serve the needs of specialists even more efficiently.

Methods: The proposed system consists of four subsystems: medical history data, photographic references, overall observations and tests.

Results: Even though the initial results are encouraging and using the system author himself made some important upgrade to the system, additional use of it is considered essential to improve the technique and the skills of the operator. In this light, specific requests and observations from other professionals are essential and obtaining these requests and observations is one of the purposes of the present article, as initially declared.

Conclusion: The proposed postural analysis system represents a good balance of various, often opposing needs, being easily completed and reasonably fast and repeatable, making it possible to compare time series data.

Keywords: Posture analysis, Photographic.